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February Chapter Champion – Jen Ellis

Friday, February 1st, 2013


Name:  Jennifer Ellis

Association:  Ellis Family, Program Manager and Domestic Engineer

What is your background? 

B.S. ChemE, M.S. EnvE, Hewlett Packard Boise:  Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing, Surface Mount Technology, Research and Development, Product Stewardship and Product Quality for HP LaserJet printers, print media and toner cartridges, Worldwide return and recycling for HP print cartridges.

What role(s) have you taken part in for USGBC Idaho?

Green Schools Advocacy Chair

What got you interested in becoming involved with the USGBC Idaho Chapter? 

I joined the Chapter after I was quite taken with Greenbuild 2005.  I remember reading somewhere in USGBC literature about the amount of electricity used in U.S. homes alone made up a significant amount of electricity used in the world every year.   I was hooked.

How do you feel you have made a difference locally? 

I would like to say that those who know me from my HP days and my friends have been enfluenced by my obession with recycling.  Even though I got teased for dumpster diving before and after meetings, I would often receive thank yous on the side or stopped in my tracks in the hallways with their own recycling stories.  It was very fun to hear they had started recycling.   I still get asked recycling questions from colleagues and friends and it’s fun.

For the future, I am hoping the Idaho Green Schools Challenge (first-ever this year)  makes a difference for kids in Idaho.   I am hoping it inspires students and educators alike to learn more about their immediate school environment and carve out what they want for their schools.   I hope they have fun greening their schools!

What would you most like to accomplish with your involvement in USGBC Idaho?

Create a successful Idaho Green Schools Challenge, put a feather in USGBC Idaho’s cap.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to get more involved with USGBC Idaho?

You don’t have to go big to be involved or volunteer for USGBC Idaho.  Focus on what you like to do and your skills and see if there is a fit with what USGBC needs or wants, even it is just a one time hour commitment.  I had considered working on LEED homes because I dream about my home green home.   I decided to work on the Green Schools Advocacy committee because I have two young children of my own and I knew their would be a good intersection in what I am up to these days and my personal interests.


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