Membership FAQ

How can my company/organization join USGBC?

Membership in USGBC National is for companies or organizations. Chapter membership is for individuals.  For additional information on National Membership, visit the USGBC National website at


 Can I join the Idaho Chapter of USGBC if my company or employer is not a National member?

Any individual can join USGBC Idaho to participate in and take advantage of local chapter benefits. Full-time employees of National member organizations may utilize their organization’s national member benefits and receive a 30% discount off of their chapter dues. You will need to know your company’s National number when you first register to be eligible for the 30% discount on your chapter dues.


If I join mid-year are my chapter dues prorated?

No, your membership begins the day you join and renewal dues need to be paid annually by the anniversary of the date you joined. If your membership lapses and you renew after your anniversary date, your membership renews from your anniversary date, not the actual date you paid for your renewal.


How will I know when my membership expires?

Because every member’s join date is individual, it can be hard to remember when your membership expires. Prior to your expiration date you will receive reminder notices to renew from USGBC National, providing your contact information is up to date. Within the chapter we are working to provide additional communications to remind members whose memberships are about to lapse or have expired. You can always view your chapter membership expiration date by visiting and go into Your Account and Chapters.


How do I update my member contact information?

If you have a change in your name, address, phone or email you can update your information by visiting Sign in and go into Your Account and Personal Information.


Why does the online join/renewal for chapter membership take me to the National USGBC site?

Chapter memberships are originated and renewed by USGBC National.


How do I join/renew my membership in the chapter?

Thank you for your interest in joining/renewing, USGBC Idaho values our chapter members and appreciate your support. New members can join here. Renewing members can log in from the same link.


How do I know if my company is a USGBC national member?

Check the USGBC National Membership Directory to search by company name, industry type, and/or state. If choosing to search by state and you work for a company that has multiple offices, remember to search within the state your company is based in.


How do I change my membership type (Student, National, or Regular)?

If your circumstances have changed from when you first created your registration on the national site, you need to remove the connection on your account from your old employer or school. Visit sign in, and go into Your Account and Membership. Remove the connection on your account before creating a new membership or connecting to a new employer or school.


Can I pay for my chapter dues by check?

You can choose to pay for your membership online by either credit/debit card or personal check. If you wish to pay by check, select that option. Once your confirmation page comes up you will need to send in your check to the address listed with the confirmation number written on the check so your membership can be properly tracked. Memberships paid for by check will be activated once payment is received and processed (in approximately 7-14 days). If payment is not received in a timely manner the membership entry will not be confirmed and will be removed from the system. Memberships paid for by credit/debit card are activated immediately.


Once I join will I automatically start receiving chapter communications?

The best way to stay informed of USGBC Idaho activities is through our weekly newsletter. Sign up through the link in the upper left corner of this website.