Green Schools Advocacy

Mission, Vision and Goals:

School districts across the country are realizing that high performance and healthy school buildings undoubtedly provide an enhanced environment for successful instruction. High performance school buildings offer opportunities by providing a healthy and productive learning environment, specifically by improving classroom acoustics and preventing mold, improving teacher retention, providing financial savings, and offering hands-on learning opportunities. Students and families who are conscious of their environmental and economic impacts make better stewards for future generations, and high performance school buildings can serve as an “instructor” by guiding students to use resources efficiently and reduce impacts to their surroundings. Overall, investments in energy efficiency make good economic sense by reducing electricity, water, and fuel consumption, schools save money.

What we do:

We advocate to multiple parties for resource savings to help provide high performance and healthy school buildings in Idaho.

Legislators – We provide information and support to legislation to create more high performance and healthy school buildings.

Districts – We provide informational presentations and support as well as writing letters to educate superintendents on recent activities involving schools.

Teachers – We provide ideas for green curriculum programs, and volunteer a lending hand in already created green curriculum programs.

Students – We provide mentoring and judging in student competitions (i.e. Future Cities Competition), provide in-class presentations, create and teach green curriculum activities in and out of class, and encourage students to be involved in programs that create a better future.


Meeting Time and Location:

Date: Every first Tuesday of the month

Time: 9:30 am – 10:30 am.

Location: USGBC Idaho Office, 523 Front St, Boise, ID


Committee Leadership:

Jennifer Ellis:

Green School  Chair

We encourage anyone to be involved.


Committee Members: