Finance & Fundraising

Finance and Fundraising Committee

The Finance and Fundraising Committee works to increase the chapter’s revenue and foster relationships with local community business, organization and citizens to expand the chapter’s capacity to implement its larger mission and strategic plan. The Committee helps manage the Chapter budget and also seeks fundraising partners and opportunities raise money to sustain the Chapter’s vision, mission, and goals.

Our goals are to:

  • Engage Existing Sponsors, Recruit New Sponsors and Expand Sponsorship Platform, by:
    • Continuing to engage Founding Sponsors to insure value in their sponsorship
    • Highlighting Sponsors either monthly as a blog post or quarterly in newsletter
    • Expanding Sponsorship platform to support and stream line efforts for all USGBC events
    • Creating Board member contracts for commitment of time, money and in-kind resources
  • Complete Capacity Building Grant for Chapters and apply for other grants, by:
    • Applying for the USGBC Capacity Building Grant
    • Seeking other grants
    • Engaging foundations to match funding for paid staff
  • Assist the Staff Hiring Task Force to hire a Staff Person, by:
    • Assisting the Hiring Task Force to establish a compensation package for staff


The Finance and Fundraising Committee generally meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm at the Owyhee Hotel Lounge.  Committee members are:  Pete Pearson – USGBC Idaho Treasurer, Scott Larson, Cathy Sewell, Jane Suggs – Committee Chairperson and Board member….and YOU.  Please contact Jane at 342-6941 if you would like to join our committee.  Due to scheduling conflicts in March, we will instead meet on March 31.

Our most immediate task is to complete the Capacity Building Grant application.  This USGBC grant will allow our chapter to hire a staff person to assist the Board and members with meeting our Mission and Vision for the Idaho Chapter.  With a staff person on board, we can add educational opportunities for members and realize a significant increase in the promotion and implementation of sustainable building strategies and projects.