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Andersen Construction Hosts Target Value Design Workshop

Monday, August 3rd, 2015


COBE Building 7-23-15

Andersen Construction knows that the construction industry is much larger than any one project. Although the company has built many successful projects over the years, Andersen is not content with project level success alone. Driven to act as a change agent in Idaho’s construction industry and continuously seeking improvement, Andersen is actively attempting to steer the local construction market in better, more profitable directions.

So how does a company like this stay ahead of the latest industry trends? They seek out knowledge from industry leaders and bring that knowledge to the community. Enter, David Umstot, Co­Founder and President of Umstot Project and Facilities Solutions.

On the surface, there might not be a more obvious mismatch for Idaho’s construction industry where hunting season is a dominant force in vacation scheduling. Umstot, with his Birkenstocks and longish hair is decidedly Californian. But David’s strong experience in managing large construction projects and interest in improving the industry as a whole makes him a good fit for bringing fresh ideas to the local market. Andersen Construction was seeking a change agent and, inspired by Umstot’s lean construction experience, arranged a workshop with David and his colleague Paul Ebbs. The Target Value Design Workshop was presented at the Boise State University College of Business and Economics building June 19th to a room full of Andersen employees and key construction industry invitees.

Incorporating the elements of of integrated design and lean construction techniques, target value design is a new take on the traditional design­bid­build contracting model that provides incentives for the designers, builders and owners to keep project costs low and quality levels high. Integrated design has long been an arrow in the sustainability quiver. By assembling all of the key players up front, an integrated design approach increases the odds of including cost effective green building solutions in a project. In fact, Umstot made a point of mentioning the high correlation of Target Value Design projects and LEED certification during his presentation.

But integrated design benefits not just the planet portion of the triple bottom line. The healthcare industry, experiencing spiraling construction costs, turned to integrated design and lean construction as a way to keep prices in check. By adhering to an integrated design process and maintaining regular communication between subcontractors, designers, suppliers, et. al. as the project develops, the odds of mistakes that require rework decrease substantially. The net result is decreased project budgets and quality assurance.

USGBC Idaho looks forward to seeing the principles of target value design applied to upcoming projects in Idaho’s market.

To learn more about lean construction techniques and integrated design, check out the U.S. Green Building Council website, and You can learn more about Andersen Construction at http://www.andersen­

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10 Big Ideas to Make Boise Greener

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

USGBC Idaho is pleased to be presenting at this upcoming community event at the Egyptian Theater. Executive Director Charlie Woodruff will be giving a talk entitled “The Central Addition: A Neighborhood Approach to Building a Smarter more Resilient Boise one Neighborhood at a Time”. Join us to hear about the #CentralAddition and about 9 other great ideas to make Boise greener.



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Green Building Rating Systems Discussion

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Different Hues of Green Building


Ever wondered about the differences between LEED building and Green Globes? How much further does a project need to go beyond LEED to achieve living status? What about Green Globes and Energy Star Green Buildings? Join USGBC Idaho for a conversation on green buildings where we’ll convene a panel of experts to tackle these questions.

Our Green Building Rating Systems Panel is being held from noon-1 on Thursday, Nov 14th in the conference room at Idaho Power, 1221 W Idaho Street in Boise.

This is a free, public event for anyone interested in learning more about green building. Chicken and vegetarian coconut curry with waldorf salad is available for lunch and is $10 for USGBC Idaho members and $14 for non-members. Those purchasing lunch are requested to confirm their orders through our RSVP form.


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