March Chapter Champion – Lindsay Erb


Name:  Lindsay Erb


Association (Company):  CTA, Inc.


What is your background? 

Masters of Architecture from the University of Idaho, 2002.  LEED AP, 2005. National Sustainable Building Advisor, 2010.  Licensed architect, 2010.


What role(s) have you taken part in for USGBC Idaho?

I joined chapter 7 years ago and was elected to the board of directors in 2006 and had three consecutive 2 year terms for a total of 6 very fulfilling years as a board member.  I have been the secretary, treasurer, and Chair.  I helped form the membership committee back during our major campaign to get committees established and active.  I chaired the Finance and Fundraising Committee during my stint as the treasurer and helped launch our Founding Sponsorship program and continue to help seek partners for the chapter.  I have been on several “task forces over my time on the board, the task force I am most proud of being a part of was the group who helped to hire our wonderful Executive Director, Charlie Woodruff.  Hiring a director was a major goal for our chapter and getting Charlie hired was a very rewarding event for us all!  Currently I am a part of the Program and Events Committee which is an amazing group of dedicated volunteers that like to have lots of fun while spreading the good word about our chapter and all things sustainable.

What got you interested in becoming involved with the USGBC Idaho Chapter?

Being involved in community events have always interested me and when I graduated architecture school I looked for something that matched my interests most which was sustainable building design and protecting our Idaho land.  The USGBC Idaho Chapter was a perfect fit.


How do you feel you have made a difference locally?

I have helped contributed to grow the chapter with sponsorship funding, helped recruit amazing volunteers that get stuff done, and tried to participate as much as possible with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.


What would you most like to accomplish with your involvement in USGBC Idaho?

I would like to continue to support the chapter in funding efforts, help to bring inspirational speakers to Idaho, and continue to help out where needed.


What advice would you give to others who are looking to get more involved with USGBC Idaho?

Just do it!  It’s a great organization locally and nationally with a lot of opportunity to grow as an individual and professional.  The people involved are wonderful and dedicated to all things dealing with a healthier and more sustainable built environment.


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